Aircraft Technician


Position Summary:

The Aircraft Technician position is an entry level position in Approved Aircraft Maintenance Organizations. The main duties are related to assisting senior engineers in preparing the aircraft for maintenance, performing line and base maintenance, correcting defects, performing repairs and modifications, etc. The position also includes the maintenance of Ground Support Equipment, stores and warehouse duties as well as some administrative work.

Employment type


Reporting to

Maintenance Manager


  1. Prepare aircraft for inspection and operation (washing and cleaning), make repairs, troubleshoot problems, conduct inspections and make upgrades to aircrafts and Ground Support Equipment.
  2. Daily duties may include keeping records of and performing scheduled maintenance, making emergency repairs, or preparing for internal/external audits/inspections;
  3. Be actively involved in line and base maintenance activities at our base, as required in accordance with company procedures and under Part 145, and as delegated by the Certifiers and Part 145 Manager;
  4. In addition to the maintenance aspects of the job, the Aircraft Technician will also have an administration function and is responsible to support the Logistics department (Stores) in the associated delegated duties;
  5. The Technician will actively be involved in both line and base maintenance and will have a pro-active and flexible approach and will at times be expected to work away from base;
  6. Perform additional duties as may be assigned in the Engineering department;
  7. Be flexible in working hours as determined by company policy.

Skills, Minimum Qualifications & Working Experiences

  1. Preferably previous experience in a mechanical/industrial environment at a technical level (not mandatory).
  2. Strong problem-solving skills, and excellent communication skills. High intermediate (or advanced) level of both written and spoken English language.
  3. Higher Education achieved and completed in a technical field, preferably related to aviation, ideally in Aircraft Maintenance.