Multi Crew Instructor


Position Summary:

Providing Synthetic Training instruction in accordance with the ATO Training Manuals.

Employment type


Reporting to

Multi Crew Manager (MCM)

Principal Responsibilities

The Multi Crew Instructor is responsible for:

  1. Supporting the MCM by ensuring effective and on-time delivery of all MCC training activities in accordance with the approved syllabi;
  2. Advising the MCM on any safety aspects that affect FSTD operations or training;
  3. Delivering relevant theoretical knowledge instruction to groups of student pilots as required;
  4. Conducting synthetic training exercises in compliance with this manual and in accordance with the relevant Training Manual, under the direction of the MCM;
  5. Completion training exercises in accordance with the specified standards, techniques and teaching principles;
  6. Maintaining complete and accurate training records for students;
  7. Reviewing student progress and make progress reports to the MCM;
  8. Achieving the defined productivity targets as required by the MCM;
  9. Delivering MCC training courses flexibly to a planned schedule;
  10. Developing syllabus and lesson plan/presentation material at the direction of the MCM;
  11. Ensuring that licenses/ratings/medicals are maintained per FCL.040, MED.A.030, if required for their duties;
  12. Ensuring that instructor ratings are maintained in accordance with FCL.900 and Part D, section 9 of the OAA Operations Manual;
  13. Carrying out any other supplementary duties as required by the MCM.
  14. Testing of MCCIs and students as required and in line with personal qualifications.
  15. Carrying out any other supplementary duties as required by the MCM from time to time.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience

Prospective Multi Crew Instructors shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Hold, or have held, an ICAO Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Pilot License or Airline Transport Pilot License in the appropriate aircraft category;
  2. MCCI, SFI (multi-pilot) or TRI Certificate;
  3. ELP level 4 minimum;
  4. 1500 Hours Multi-Pilot Flight time in Commercial Air Transport operations.