Multi Crew Manager


Position Summary:

The Multi Crew Manager is responsible for the overall day-to-day supervision of his respective training programmes and to ensure the safest possible conduct of training operations consistent with production, adherence to regulatory, certification requirements and company standards.

Employment type


Reporting to

Head of Training

Principal Responsibilities

The Multi-Crew Manager (MCM) is responsible for:

  1. Overseeing the conduct of OAA Multi-Crew training under the direction of the HT to ensure that all course objectives are satisfied;
  2. Ensuring on-going coordination with the HT, and that any issues raised concerning the conduct of training are appropriately addressed and resolved in a timely fashion;
  3. Supporting the HT in the development and implementation of all applicable student and instructor training courses or standardisation programs;
  4. Overseeing that the individual lesson plans are delivered as scripted, and according to the company standards, by the Multi Crew Cooperation Instructors;
  5. Monitoring the progress of students and reporting any issues to the HT;
  6. Ensuring that all training forms and progress reports are completed in accordance with company and regulatory requirements and Carrying out any other supplementary duties as required by the HT.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience

The prospective Multi Crew manager shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Hold, or have held, a Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Pilot Licence or Airline Transport Pilot Licence issued in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention in the appropriate aircraft category;
  2. MCCI, SFI (multi-pilot) or TRI Certificate;
  3. ELP level 4 or higher;
  4. 2000 hours Multi-Pilot Flight time in Commercial Air Transport operations; and 500 hours as PIC in Multi-Pilot Commercial Air Transport operations.