Theoretical Knowledge Instructor


Position Summary:

Providing Theoretical Knowledge instruction in accordance with the ATO Training Manuals.

Employment type


Reporting to

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor (CTKI)

Principal Responsibilities

The Theoretical Knowledge Instructor (TKI) is responsible for:

  1. Supporting the CTKI by ensuring effective and on-time delivery of all theoretical training instruction activities in accordance with the approved syllabi;
  2. Ensuring that theoretical knowledge instruction is conducted to the required standards, techniques and teaching principles;
  3. Only use OAA approved lesson plans, presentations, internal examinations and handouts;
  4. Maintaining complete and accurate training records for students;
  5. Developing syllabus and lesson plan/presentation material at the direction of the CTKI;
  6. Maintaining current versions of any electronic based authorized teaching materials;
  7. Being responsible for the management, welfare and pastoral care of students undergoing theoretical training if appointed as Course Mentors;
  8. Taking primary responsibility to ensure that all students’ training, including remedial training where required, is supervised in accordance with OAA published procedures and reported to the CTKI when necessary;
  9. Carrying out any other supplementary duties as required by the CTKI (or Deputy CTKI if appointed).

Minimum Qualifications & Experience

The Theoretical knowledge instructor shall:

  1. Have a background in aviation (e.g. OAA former student, retired/active airline pilot, Flight Engineer, etc.) in the areas relevant for the training provided and have undergone a course of training in instructional techniques or;
  2. Have previous experience in delivering theoretical knowledge instruction and an appropriate theoretical background in the subject on which they will provide theoretical knowledge instruction.